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After completion of this course, what’s next???

Every Doula’s career path will be different and so will their business focus. Membership with your training and certifying agency will afford opportunities for mentorship however, it is a good idea to start building relationships within your immediate industry circle. In doing so, you’ll be able to identify individuals of influence with whom to forge a relationship open to mentorship.

Get to know one another! You have a growing community of other Birthworkers who are diligently building birth businesses and supporting clients. Hear what their experiences are like. Ask for advice. Maybe someone is in your area or home state. Maybe not! Engage with the posts there. This is the opportunity to network within a safe space.

Become a Wellness Adovcate

We offer the chance to become a Wellness Advocate with doTERRA essential oils. There are no many ways that adding essential oils to your services or techniques, will benefit your Moms, babies and your business. Click the picture link above to get sign up and get started with this low-cost option to support your birth business.