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We know how it is to start a new career on a budget! We offer a $25 a week payment plan that allows you to focus on studying and starting your new business!!

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New content modules are made available weekly so that you have time to read, study and review as you're learning new concepts. Weekly modules help keep the flow going!

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We can learn from others! We utilize YouTube as a virtual skills lab related to each content module. We've carefully curated playlists that are relevant, practical and help to solidify your Doula education foundation!

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Reach out to your Instructors anytime! We are here to support you on this exciting journey! With years of experience working in the birth field, we know what it takes and are here to assist you every step of the way!

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We don't just leave you hanging! After you've graduated, we have a comprehensive business coaching course tailed for Birth professionals that you can start right away!!

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Our Business Resources Store

We have awesome templates and downloads to help support your growing birth business!

  • $8.99

    Learn how to create a business model aimed at 100k in revenue! It’s absolutely possible for any idea.

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  • $2.99

    The absolute easiest, practical AND detailed birth plan for Mom to follow. Simply download, print and provide Mom with this awesomely valuable birth plan template that will both inform and educate. All items on the birth plan have been carefully compiled by an experienced Doula. No stone unturned!

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  • $0.99

    A simple guide to your prenatal meetings with Mom. This one-page checklist details recommended chat-points for at least 4 prenatal meetings with Mom. Download, print and add to your binder to have on hand for each client and visit.

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  • $1.99

    A super quick cheat-sheet guide to the safest essential oils for Mom’s comfort + environment. Print and insert into your Doula binder to have on hand at every birth!

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After completion of this course, what’s next??? Every Doula’s career path will be different and so will their business focus. Membership with your training and certifying agency will afford opportunities for mentorship however, it is a good idea to start building relationships within your immediate industry circle. In doing so, you’ll…

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No, you don’t! This is a common question that many considering a career as a Doula ask. It’s also a stumbling block to getting started on the journey. What’s important is your training. The quality…

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Resources in our Doula store… I want to ensure that you have all the tools you’ll need to grow a thriving birth business. So, I’m dedicated to sharing with you what I use and also…

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